Come and celebrate the boy he is...and the man he will become.

REGISTER NOW: August 3-5, 2018

What are guys saying about Manly Camp?

“From age 5-18 my boys have always loved Manly Camp. It has been a special weekend for many years for both them and other boys that have come along with us without their fathers. My father, who is now in his 70’s, has been a regular attender and loves the weekend.”

Craig Thompson

“Manly Camp has quickly become a tradition with my boys that they anticipate every summer. They LOVE it. As a dad I appreciate the different age groups in our boys from preschool to college.”

John Beck

“Zachary and I have been coming to Manly Camp for 8 years and it is a wonderful experience. We look forward to it all year long and it is a time for us to bond and for me to remind him what an awesome young man he is becoming. Many of his classmates and their dads come and we have a great time together.”

Jeff Queen

“I’ve been associated with Manly Camp and taken my son for almost ten years straight now. While it is important to spend time with your kids and affirm them as much as possible, nothing like Manly Camp frames how important and how impactful it really is, for both fathers and sons. God has a plan for raising our boys and hopefully my time with my son at Manly Camp has laid a strong foundation towards that plan.”

Jim Richardson

“The core purpose of this event — spending good, quality time with and publicly affirming our boys — is played out in a fun-packed weekend that everyone will remember and tell stories about for years to come. My boys and I eagerly look forward to it each year, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend this great weekend.”

Daren D’Ippolito

What is Manly Camp?

Manly Camp is a weekend where we, as fathers and mentors, “build up the next generation of men.”

Bring your sons, nephews, neighbor boys, or any other young man in whose life you’re investing time (ages 5-22).

The Details

When & Where. Manly Camp 2018 is being held at Pine Valley Camp in Ellwood City, PA. Camp kicks off at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 3rd and wraps up at noon on Sunday, August 5th.


  • Girl’s Hill Cabin:  $105 per person
  • Boy’s Hill Cabin:  $75 per person
  • Bring Your Own Tent:  $60 per tent plus $40 per person

The cost includes all meals, accommodations, all activities, a t-shirt, and a donation to the speaker. Space is limited and we will sell out!

What to Expect

  • Great food
  • Fun competitions
  • An inspiring and practical message
  • To have one of the greatest moments of your adult life, “The Affirmation”
  • For you and the boys you bring to have a weekend you won’t soon forget

What is "The Affirmation"?

Manly Camp culminates on Sunday morning when each man stands up and, one-by-one, tells the others why each boy he brought is going to make a great man. This public affirmation is incredibly powerful and difficult to duplicate elsewhere.

Optional Start to the Weekend: Bike and Paddle Downtown Pittsburgh

Description:  Pittsburgh offers great opportunities to experience the city through biking and kayaking.  On Friday, August 3, the plan would be to bike the Three Rivers Heritage Trail from the North Shore down to the Southside works and back.  We would grab lunch at a restaurant along the way, and then wrap up the day with kayaking on the river near PNC Park.  We will plan to arrive at Pine Valley between 5-6pm in time for registration.

Biking: Free if you bring your own bike.  Rent a bike from Bicycle Heaven which is near our start point on the North Shore for $8 per hour or $49 per day.  You can also download the “Next Bike” app and rent a bike from Healthy Ride Bike share stations located on the North Shore for $2 per 30 minutes.

Kayaking: solo Kayak for $16 per hour or tandem Kayak for $21.50 per hour.

Duration: estimate is 7-8 miles on the bike, timing TBD.  Assume 1 hour on river and 1.5 hours for lunch.  We will be complete in plenty of time to make it back up to Pine Valley for registration.

Logistics: If you never did this before and always wanted to, this is the perfect time to go with some folks who are familiar with the trails, where to park, etc.  If you did this before, you know how fun this is and it’s a good opportunity for some of the fathers and sons to connect prior to the start of the weekend.  If you are interested in attending, please sign up at and you will be contacted by the activity leader prior to the trip.

Photos from Manly Camp

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